Welcome, y'all. I'm Nicola, and this is (part of) my story.


Brit by birth, Southerner by choice, and current German transplant. There's a chance I over-simplified that.  


I have always been someone who embraces change in life; it doesn't scare me, it invigorates me. But one of the biggest (and craziest) changes I have had in my 30-something years on this beautiful Earth is moving to Europe in summer 2015. Don't get me wrong, I have done my fair share of moving throughout my childhood years. After college graduation in Texas I moved to Gerogia where I didn't know anyone, and made (in my opinion) a pretty awesome life for myself in Atlanta. I figured moving to Europe would be the same deal, but on a bigger scale. The challenges and nuances are more to work through than those presented in a move from ATX to ATL, but the payoff is undeniably awesome. There are so many rich cultures and history packed regions to explore, within hours of my doorstep- sometimes Europe feels pretty small after living in Texas! I never fancied the idea that I would be an "expat", but here I am cruising on the autobahn, ordering my meals in German, and rocking a dirndl at fest like a boss. 


I quickly discovered that being an expat makes you more reliant on the wonderful world of technology. Even if we can't see or speak to our loved ones every day, we can still feel virtually connected by keeping up with each other's adventures, big and small. As my new journey began to take flight, I realized it was important for me to be able to share our cultural exploration and lessons learned with friends and family, without the confining limitations of most social media outlets. After all, some stories need more than 140 characters. Our memories are precious, and deserve more than to be squeezed into little filtered boxes on Instagram. So enter: Bon Voyage Babe. What better time to amp up my exploration and share my travels with other wanderlusters? Whether you're simply craving some travel inspo, or if you're looking for information about a particular location or planning advice, I hope you'll stop by. Thanks for following along!


Cultivated with a lot of love, and a dash of caffeine.

Let's be real, wine was also involved. 


Success! Can't wait to chat more!


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