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Mallorca: Beautiful in the Balearic

Sun, sand, drink in your hand. This post is coming to you from the sunless and snowy land known as Germany. Ok, so Germany can actually be absolutely stunning, but in January the lack of sun is annoying and the typical day appears to be uber cloudy, at best. Unless you're on the slopes, in which case alles gut! During these months, some people bump up their vitamins, some sit in front of special lamps designed to mimmick sunlight and fight off S.A.D (seasonal affective disorder), but I prefer to reminisce about sunny afternoons on Spanish Islands....

Mallorca, the largest of the Balearic Islands is a destination that is heavily frequented by European vacationers- primarily Brits and Germans. It's got more to offer than Minorca, and is seemingly more relaxing than Ibiza.

We came for the sun and to check out one of the luxurious resorts housed on the island. Mallorca is full of options; it took me DAYS to narrow down which resort to select. What didn't take long to select was the package we wanted for our trip: all inclusive, baby! After all the searching and comparing I could handle, I selected an Iberostar Resort: Jardin del Sol along the southwest corner of Mallorca.

Our room was on the fifth floor over the main pool, with a private terrace. The terrace was angled toward the cala de santa ponca, offering sights of the radiant blue water just beyond our glass enclosure.

Private terrace Spain Honeymoon

The coastline of Mallorca is typical of a Mediterranean archipelago with its dramatic cliffs. It wasn't my best idea ever to hike along it in designer gladiator sandals, but thankfully I'm an athlete and made it work. Luke also helped.

Mallorca Spain European Summer Destination

Mallorca Spain European Summer Destination

We aren't really "package deal" travelers... I always see ads for these and have never been enamored by the concept. As much hard work as it brings, I enjoy the flexibility of building our own schedule of accommodations and activities. There are however, situations in which someone else doing the work for you is a palatable option. Or even more rare, maybe you want to take a vacation to actually RELAX. *gasp*

If you are serious about relaxing, a package deal at a beach resort is a great option to consider!

Pool side views at our Mallorca resort.

Mallorca Resort Suite

Trying out the European way of relaxing in our personal jacuzzi. SO. LIBERATING.

Best European Summer Vacation

I typically don't drink rum, but on a few beach vacations before (Jamaica, Key Largo) I found my love for a well made pina colada... I rekindled that love affair in Mallorca. An all-inclusive drink package is a good time to experiment and try new things!

If you're booking an all-inclusive hotel, you may see different options for meals like full-board and half-board. Full-board typically includes your three meals a day, while half-board will serve breakfast and dinner, leaving your options for lunch open. All-inclusive options typically cover three meals a day, beverages, and access to hotel amenities. I like to also read the reviews for hotels on sites like and to see if people comment if the food and drink packages are worth the cost. A note concerning meals in most of Europe- water is NOT free. So if you typically have a water or 2 and a cocktail with your meal, an all-inclusive is likely to pay off!

Mallorca Iberostar Resort All Inclusive

Lunch with a view! Our favorite thing to have for lunch on the balcony was a big salad and local cheese with a glass of crisp, cool Spanish Rose'.

Hotels with private pool Europe

If you feel like you need a vacation after your recent vacations, consider an easy resort stay! Let someone else do the planning, take time to recharge your internal battery, and unwind. When you feel better, you do better. Your body will thank you!

Mallorca Private terrace hotel suite

Last but not least, I will mention that if you are vacationing in Europe and find yourself in Spain, consider a few days to relax in Mallorca, especially if you're honeymooning! Leave a message below or send me an email to me at- if you'd like some more tips on going all-in at an all-inclusive!

European Honeymoon Destination Mallorca Spain


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