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Copenhagen: Eat, Drink, and Be Vikings!

This coastal capital city packs a hip restaurant scene, the country's crown jewels, and a lot of good looking people onto an island- there's a lot to love about Copenhagen!

First off, I have to address that since our visit, I have been asked a few times, "Is it expensive?" Well, generally speaking- yes. European standard accommodations, cabs, train tickets, and most certainly eating and drinking at decent establishments will set you back a bit more than it would in other European cities. With the currency conversion, we were looking at about 6 euro (around $7.50) for a glass of local beer. In our big city in southern Germany, we typically pay about 3-4 euro for a local beer.

Yes I am using beer as a standard of economic measurement.

That's how this blog works.

Copenhagen Travel Blog

Most people go to Copenhagen with a few things on their agenda: see the crown jewels, take a selfie with the Little Mermaid statue, and hang out at Tivoli Gardens. That's all good and well, but for a few different reasons we wanted to focus our itinerary in a totally different direction than what TripAdvisor suggested. On our trip to Copenhagen we were joined by amazing (fellow self proclaimed "foodie") friends so our focus was to eat, drink, and be Vikings.. which is exactly what we did.

Tivoli Gardens Copenhagen

Here's how you can spend 48 glorious (and delicious) hours in Copenhagen, off the beaten path!

Cross another country off your list

Pop over to Malmö in southern Sweden via the famous Öresund Bridge- a "combined railway and motorway bridge" that connects the Øresund strait which separates Denmark and Sweden. The bridge runs about 8 kilometres (5 miles) for my American readers) from the Swedish coastal city of Malmö to the man-made Peberholm Island, which sits in the middle of the strait. From Peberholm, a 4 kilometer (2.5 mile) tunnel runs under water to the Danish Island of Amager where you can access Copenhagen.

Malmo Sweden Travel Blog

In Malmö you can check out the vibrant red castle, stroll through parks, peep the "twisting torso" building, and snack on Swedish meatballs. I know, the ones at IKEA are good, but trust me, these ARE indeed better.

Malmo Sweden Travel Blog

More on Malmö in a post coming soon!

Let your food freak flag fly!

Skip lunch to save your appetite for visiting one of the world renowned restaurants in Copenhagen! Home to a handful of Michelin Star establishments, Copenhagen is a complete foodie paradise. We were lucky enough to snag a spot at the wine bar of the Noma pop-up, "Under the Bridge". Everything we ate and drank was truly special, expertly curated, and nothing short of spectacular.

Copenhagen Food Blog

Marinated wood ants in hummus.. sure? #WhatWouldAnthonyBourdainDo

Noma Food Blog

If your budget can't swing the above suggestion, try out a few street food options- they are all over!

Killer Cocktails

If you prefer to drink your calories, take advantage of the fact that Copenhagen happens to be home of some of the world's top cocktail bars! The amazing handcrafted libations are only half of the fun, as each bar provides a different but equally visually intoxicating ambiance that often accompanies Scandic design: sexy but comfortable, and casual but luxe. A few of our favorites (also good for groups) were: RUBY and Brønnum. Don't forget to make a reservation in advance, most bars allow you to do so by visiting their website.

World's Best Cocktail Bars

Gorgeous Golden Hour

Grab a coffee and watch the sun set at the harbor by the beautiful Copenhagen Opera House or Nyhavn neighborhood lined with boats and colorful buildings.

Copenhagen Blog

Copenhagen Food Blog

Embrace the counter-culture

Step out of the EU by stepping in to Christiania, a self (non) governing autonomous district within Copenhagen. This area is inhabited by around 1,000 residents and filled with murals, art, music, and the very potent scent of cannabis. What you won't find are cars, cameras (because of said cannabis), or in general, judgement. If any of those things make you uncomfortable it is best to skip this- but if you're interested in exploring different cultures, this is definitely unique to Copenhagen!

Copenhagen Travel Blog

Rock your inner Viking in Roskilde

A short train ride away will take you back in time to the town of Roskilde and the Viking Ship Museum. Snack on traditional Scandinavian foods (smoked fish sandwiches, anyone??), drink local beers, and visit the museum on site to learn about the captivating crew of Danes who sailed the world in their longboats! For an additional fee you can take the tour to hear an explanation of how longboats were constructed and see the replicas being built. After your rowing lesson, jump in and take the boat out for a spin... check our video below for a good laugh!

Viking Museum

Viking Museum

I can't say enough good things about the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde. As a group of adults we had a blast here and I think kids would have even more fun! Roskilde is a cute little town with shops, cafes, and a beautiful outdoor market on weekends. The ship museum is about a 15 minute walk through town from the main train station that connects directly to Copenhagen main station.

Copenhagen Travel Tips

What else isn't to be missed? Allow yourself time to stroll through town and take in the scenic Scandinavian design in charming Nyhavn... I was ob-sessed!

Copenhagen Travel Blog

If you need help planning your Scandic escape, leave a comment or shoot me an email! If you're looking for more, check out our video below for a peek at Roskilde and Malmö, but more importantly, way too much footage of me attempting to row a Viking longboat!


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