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Beauty tips for the perpetual traveler

Are you always on the go? Whether for work or play, packing can easily exhaust you before you even hit the security line. If you're anything like me, bathroom and beauty products tend to take up a lot of my baggage space and weight limit. That's right, I am telling you that I don't practice the "less is more" motto, and haven't since I discovered silver eye shadow back in 7th grade- I promise it was cool back then.

Whether you're still working on filling up the passport pages or you're practically a pro, streamlining your packing process is always welcome. From my overstuffed toiletry bag to yours, I give you beauty tips for the the perpetual traveler!

Scent Sense

Stock up on your favorite scent in a small size that can be taken as a liquid carry on. If you're looking to save a few bucks, here are a few options for free fragrance, rather than purchasing a $20 mini:

Sephora will often give you a sample of your preferred scent to "try before you buy". I discovered this when shopping for a new cologne for my (at the time) boyfriend, now husband. I told the sales representative in the fragrances section that I like a certain scent, but not sure if Luke would. She filled a mini bottle with the scent (Viktor & Rolf Spice Bomb to be exact) and told me to have him wear it a few times to try it before I bought it. PS Spice Bomb is ahhh-mazing for the men. I wear the female version, Flower Bomb.

If you're looking to extend your daily dose of perfume on your wrist, dab on a dot of Vaseline on your wrist before you spray. Vaseline makes tiny travel sizes and it can be great for other things too, like removing stubborn lipstain from your lips!

Another super saver tip: tear the perfume ads from a magazine. Super cheap and practically weightless for packing. You may have to wear a difference scent each day but that's not necessarily a bad thing!

May your only bags be your carry on...

Gone are the days that you have to factor a trip to the market for a cucumber to put over your jet-lagged puffy eyes. Oh, we weren't doing that before? Well, lucky for both of us the de-puffing and un-bagging eye patch scene has really popped recently, so there's a ton of brands to pick from. Many come in a convenient disposable package that doesn't take up any space or add to your baggage weight. My favorite is Flashpatch by Patchology, which you can get in pouches for travel, or a tub for home.

Clean Up Your Act

Hand sanitizer and wipes, sprays, or gels are a lifesaver when you're navigating airport bathrooms and sticky tray tables- the last thing you want to do is touch your skin or hair with those hands! Needless to say, these products were a LIFESAVER during my visit to INDIA.

Pop bottles.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Your skin is extra thirsty when traveling!

Fill 'Er Up!

Invest in a set of reusable mini bottles. If you're not in the mood to purchase your favorite travel size products more than once, you can get a good set of mini refillable bottles and refill them as needed.. there are a million options to choose from on Amazon!

Packing beauty items

To stretch your budget further, you could use items you already have on hand to store your lotions and potions. Contact lens cases, multi-pill medicine caddies... anything with a small compartment can be used to store serums and topical liquids that are used in small amounts.

Tangle-free Trinkets

Put a straw through your necklaces to keep them from tangling. I started doing this a few years ago after being introduced to the idea on Pinterest, and it's one of my favorite travel hacks!

How to Pay Jewelry

This goes without saying but...

Dry shampoo is your best friend. That's all.

Stress Free Styles

Bobby pins and a decorative headband/clip/whatever are a must. An easy up-do can help you save on time getting ready, and some bling for your hair will help you take your style from day to night in an instant.

Cease the crease

What's worse than ironing a weekend worth of outfits and unzipping your bag at the final destination to see the contents are a big wrinkly mess? Basically nothing. I am UHB-SESSED with packing cubes and can no longer imagine life without them. Fold your clothes neatly in a packing cube and there will be way less shifting, tumbling, and wrinkling while you bag gets manhandled by Eurowings. Packing cubes stack nicely in your suitcase and keep you oh-so-organized, while being collapsible, breathable, lightweight, and inexpensive. So yeah, life changing.

These are our favorites that we use for every trip. They're high quality and durable, and available in tons of color options!

Packing Cubes

Fresh to death

Toss a dryer sheet in your stack when you pack to keep your clothes smelling fresh. While you're at it, a plastic bag for your dirty clothes takes up zero space or weight on the scale and will help you keep your dirties organized on the way home.

Stock up on samples

Mini stock up on those samples from Sephora, Nordstrom, hotel bathrooms, and all of your other favorite supplies when you can! Hoarding is OK sometimes, right??

Spray all day

If you have the space in your suitcase, these are also super helpful...

Febreeze spray, Downy Wrinkle Release spray, makeup setting spray, and hydrating facial spray- which I LOVE after a long, stuffy flight!

I am in a highly committed relationship with Evian Facial Mist, and I have no intentions of breaking it off.

I have a few "long haul" flights coming up soon and you better believe I will be doing my best to battle the recycled airplane air by hydrating with this product!

So how do you balance your beauty regimine while traveling? Let me know if this post gave you any new ideas, and leave your tips for other travelers below!


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